Online Application

Thanks for having an interest in our Rent to Own Program. At the moment, we are not taking on any more clients. Once we are ready to accept more clients we will remove this message.

Our Rent to Own program is designed to ensure you have the highest probability of exercising your option and becoming a homeowner in the Calgary area. At this point, you are at a pre-approval stage. Provided you past the self qualification step, you will then go on to complete our online application.

Basic Rent to Own Application

This application can either be done on this page (below) or online. Either go below and fill in the form or fill in the form which can be found here at This online application gives us your contact information, asks you about your income, current rent situation, your credit situation, about any information provided to you from a mortgage broker, what type of property you are looking for and how much and why you require a Rent to Own program to purchase a home.

Have some questions, check out our FAQ page.

Application #2

Once you have electronically submitted application #1 we will review it. If everything is in order then we will sit down with you and go through the process. If you are still interested in the program then will we will give you a written application to fill in. With this application you will need to supply the following documentation:

  1. Employment letter indicating that you are currently working with the company and providing your current wage.
  2. Copies of your last two years of T4’s
  3. Your last two notice of assessment (NOA’s) which is the information the government provides you after they have reviewed your income tax.
  4. When your income is from a small business, your last three years of business financial statements as well as your articles and certificate of incorporation
  5. Your current and past addresses including the address and phone number of your current and past landlords
  6. Your most recent property tax bill for all properties owned
  7. Two copies of photo identification
  8. A void check
  9. A print out of your credit score from Equifax
  10. A copy of your last pay stub.
  11. A copy of the most recent credit card statement for all credit cards you are currently using.
  12. A copy of your bank statements showing you have enough cash for the option fee, house inspection and first months rent

Once this is put together, we will review it together.  When everything looks good, we will tentatively accept it.

We will then introduce you to our our mortgage broker and find out what it is going to take to get a mortgage. Provided the mortgage broker sees a way that you can qualify for a mortgage within a 2 year time frame and you agree to do what it is going to take to obtain a mortgage, we will begin to contact your references. 

Since you have already self qualified yourself, have passed our initial interview and talked to our mortgage broker, there should be no reason why your application is rejected provided everything you’ve told us is correct. We will only accept your application with fee when we’re pretty confident that the information you have provided us will be accepted.

All of the information which you supplied us will be used by our mortgage broker to determine how long it will take to improve your credit and the maximum house price you can afford. They will talk to you about credit counseling when it is required. You will work with either Money Mentors, which is a non‑profit organization which works with people when they are attempting to improve their credit score or our mortgage broker.

Have some questions, check out our FAQ page.