Why use a Rent to Own program?

You want to become a home owner. While you have the income, you don’t have the credit to purchase your own home.

Our aim is to help you become a homeowner in the Calgary area or Airdrie, Alberta and improve your credit in the process. Our program is designed to help people purchase properties typically in the $350,000 to $425,000 range, in Airdrie or Calgary Alberta, which are generally less than 20 years old. These homes are found throughout the community and will consist of at least three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Homes currently meeting these criteria in Airdrie can be found here on MLS.

Homes currently meeting these criteria in Calgary can be found here on MLS.

Very simply, a Rent to Own real estate program works like this:

  1. You apply and get qualified for our program
  2. You pick out a home and we buy it
  3. You rent the home from us for up to 2 years as a tenant while you improve your credit
  4. You exercise your option on the home, get a mortgage and purchase the home from us.
  5. You are now a home owner